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Sri ChandraShekara Bharathi Kalyana Mantapa

Good Facility Choultry at Affordable Rate

Reception Hall seating Capacity 275
Dining Hall seating Capacity 125 +300=425
Total No.of Rooms 11, Rooms with attach bath: 1

Shankarpuram of Basavanagudi is a very sacred place with Sri Sringeri Sharadha Peetham and Sri Sharadha Devi Temple. In this beautiful locality, Dakshinamneya Sri SharadhaPeetham started a sophisticated choultry “Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Kalyana Mantapa’ to help the people of Shankarapuram, V.V.puram, N.T.Pet, Chamarajapet and surrounding areas in the year 1962.

Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Kalyana Mantapa is a beautiful and spacious choultry with all facilities. This choultry is available for betrothal, marriage, Upanayanam, Namakaranam, reception and all other religious functions at affordable price.

The reception hall is beautiful with a seating capacity of 275. Dining hall is also spacious and it will accommodate 320 people at a time. (120 in Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi and 300 in Vidya Vihara).

Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Kalyana Mantapa is having 11 Rooms, separate common toilets and bathrooms with hot water facility. One special room is having attached bathroom too. Ample parking space also available choultry premises.

The management of the choultry will provide cooking vessels (aprox 2000people), furnitures’, blankets, reception hall chairs, dining hall table and stools, drinking water, electricity, cleaning staff service and Pooja items, etc. Generator is also available.

For more details contact Manager, Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi Kalyana Mantapa,No. 29/1, PampaMahakavi Road, Shankarapuram, Bangalore 560004. Telephone: 080-26679172, 26916626.

Direction: This choultry is very near to Basavanagudi National college and Makkalakoota. From National college side, we will find this choultry after swimming pool circle. From Makkalakoota bus stop, take turn towards National college in Pampamahakavi road. It is walk-able.

Nearest Bus Stop: Makkalakoota.

Bus route: From Majestic: 36 A, 36B, 36D, 36F, 43B, 45B, 45E, 45N, Pushpak 10, 45G, From City Market 33, 35A, 45, 45C.

Sri Sharadha Prasad Kalyana Mantapa

Reception Hall seating Capacity 225
Dining Hall seating Capacity 165
Total No.of Rooms 7, Rooms with attach bath: 2

Sri Sharadha Prasad Kalyana Mantapa also belongs to Dakshinamneya Sri SharadhaPeetham and is situated in the same premises. This choultry is also having all essential facilities like Sri Chandrashekara Bharathi.

The Reception hall capacity is 225 and dining hall capacity is 1600. There are 7 Rooms in this choultry in which 2 are attached bathrooms and separate bath rooms and hot water facility.

The management of the choultry will provide good facilities to the customers.

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